The Retreat in Tanzania – Modern African bedroom design

15 March 2014

The Retreat, where sensual luxury meets remote wilderness, is a unique luxury safari destination, located in a remote patch of the vast Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, far from any other camps, lodges or other human habitat, assuring complete privacy and an exhilarating, personal experience of the untouched African bush. A bedroom which sits on […]

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zip bed – contemporary minimalist zip-up bed design

05 March 2014

A minimalist zip-up cocoon style bed, The Zip bed is created by Italian design company Florida.  Simple, soft and gently rounded, the complete frame is padded and upholstered, and finished with a zipper running its perimeter. The curved lines of Zip make it an irresistible design which will wrap around you, giving you extra warmth […]

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Harbor penthouse suite with 360° panoramic views

01 March 2014

Overlooking Victoria’s outer harbour, this luxury penthouse suite boasts fantastic panoramic 360° views of the landscape outside. Aptly named Swallows Landing, the suite has a distinctive masculine appeal, making it an idyllic apartment for the modern man. Designed by Smith Designs, the main color scheme is black and white, with beech flooring. The centerpiece attraction […]

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Futuristic apartment interior design with asymmetrical shapes

25 February 2014

This unusual futuristic apartment is designed in a unique way with asymmetrical shapes. It was featured for the “I can see” exhibition which took place in Odessa in October 2010, and is an example of how our apartments may look in the future. A mixture of grey and white with subtle touches of the red, the […]

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Eye – painted eyeball vases made from iznik quarts ceramic

23 February 2014

This cute and imaginative collection of vases and bowls are by Gaia & Gino, simple but effective designs crafted from iznik quarts ceramic with eyeballs painted on them. Simply named Eye, the colors are made up of dark and light blue, black and white to form a lifelike eye. It’s as though wherever one stands […]

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Contemporary red kitchen interior design ideas

20 February 2014

Red interior designs have the ability to add vibrancy and warmth to the home. The color red represents power, hence the red power tie worn by business people and the red carpet rolled out for celebrities and VIPs (very important people). It is also the color associated with love and romance. These characteristics make reds […]

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Indigenous style furniture made from coconut palm trees

17 February 2014

With the threat posed on the environment by mass deforestation and the need to find more sustainable hardwoods, Pacific Green went on a mission to find a ecologically-sound substitute for tropical hardwoods from the South Pacific. Having established the world’s first Palm wood factory at Sigatoka in the Fijian Islands, Pacific Green pioneered the creation […]

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